The Nordluft System

A High Capacity Drone Platform

Nordluft is founded on the idea to use drones to create a high capacity spreading system for forestry and agriculture. The Nordluft system mainly contains three components. The Nordluft Base station, Nordluft Ground Control and the NordKopter.

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The Nordluft System

A Forestry and agriculture system

Nordluft swarm control system


Nordluft ground control



HIgh capacity drones


Nordluft Base Station

A High capacity logistic solution

About Us

Nordluft was founded in Stockholm 2018 by a group of dedicated engineers with the mission to use drones together with automation technology in order to enable efficient and sustainable material handling in forestry and agriculture.

Our products enable efficient drone logistics for heavy payloads at a fraction of the time, cost and energy of any other method used today.

If you believe you can contribute to our mission in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

There is a number of supporting organizations and groups listed below and we are looking to further broaden the development opportunities. 

Contact Us

We have our office at InnoEnergys offices, just a 10 minute walk from Stockholm centralstation. 

We also have a workshop in Frihamnen. 

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