Fertilization & Ash Recycling

Early applications for the Nordluft system are forest fertilizing and bio ash recirculation, where Nordluft is collaborating with important players in the sector. The Nordic forestry industry is highly developed with a large market. 


Forest fertilizing is used to increase the growth rate of forests. The fertilizer in the Nordics consists of mainly nitrogen compounds and it normally comes in the form of dry granules.  

Sources: Skogforsk, Swedish forestry agency 

Ash Recycling

When wood is burnt, a by-product of ash is obtained. The ash contains nutrients and contains a value of its own. Spreading ash over forests is expected to increase significantly in the future, meaning that there is high incentive to invest in this trend. Ash can be packed as granules for spreading.

Sources: Skogforsk, Swedish forestry agency

Advantage & Effects of The Nordluft System

Current spreading methods for both fertilizer and ash are via tractors, converted forestry machines and helicopters. With Nordluft’s system, cost of spreading will be significantly reduced, meaning a much larger market for these sustainable forest activities. As Nordluft implements its technology, forestry will be more profitable, productive and sustainable

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